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The Hot Dish  Cast

Opiumm Hayze

Co-producer Opiumm Hayze has been performing in the Twin Cities area since 2010. She is also a co-producer of Toil & Trouble Presents and is best known for her cheesy humor and contagious smile. She's highly addictive and will leave you in a daze! -Photo by Kriss Abigail Photography


At the tender age of 4 years old, co-producer Hollidazzle stepped onto the stage as part of her church's production of the nativity. The first order of business was to take her shoes off. Well, that should have been a clue! Specializing in comedy, “geek” fandom, and of course (true to her roots and name!) holiday themed numbers, this redheaded December baby is riding her way straight to #1 on the naughty list! -Photo by Spilker Brand Cheesecake

Pepper Sunshine

Co-Producer Pepper Sunshine has been around the MN block and then some, stealing hearts in the Twin Cities Burlesque scene since 2011. This crafty stripper songstress extraordinaire is our host, serving up heaping portions of sassy and sexy at Hot Dish Cabaret.

Luna Rouge

Luna Rouge is not your ordinary bellydancer. Mixing other dance styles such as salsa, modern, and funkstyle hip hop (popping and animation in particular) to traditional bellydance is what makes her flavor so unique. Her acts and music vary from traditional old time Cabaret look and feel, to pop/top 40 hits, to character or themed acts and more. -Photo by Sky Wild Photography

Bret The Axe

Guinness World Record holder Brett "The Axe" earned the title of Fastest Fire Eater in the world, by extinguishing 54 torches in 30 seconds. He will dazzle you with his showmanship and mastery of fire!

Billie Marquee

Dancing since she was three and performing since she was 14, Billie is no stranger to the stage. In 2010, she was bitten by the glitter bug and has been immersed in sideshow burlesque ever since. In 2014, Billie moved herself all the way up to the Twin Cities to get away from the scorching Florida heat. She's the Southern Belle from Circus Hell for a reason. After glass-walking and spitting blood in her first show, she was quickly snatched her up to join the Hot Dish family.

Marcel Michelle

That defiantly dainty dancer with the delectable derriere - It's Marcel Michelle! Combining his background in mime, vocal performance, dance, and theatre with the magical power of burlesque and a penchant for all things pan-sexual, Marcel is a performance artist who captivates, confronts, and caresses a crowd with his sultry song, dazzling dance, and strangely sensual strip-tease. -Photo by Dawnfelice Warneke

Tart Deco

Tart Deco, our stage kitten, is the newest addition to the Hot Dish stage. -Photo by Candy Coughlin Of Candy Shoppe

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