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 Hot Dish Cabaret

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        SaturdayNovember 11,2017


ot Dish Cabaret is back with a the final  course for 2017.  The dessert course is being served with a cherry on top!   Nadi A'marena joins the cast for the November show, bringing her signature fierce, sultry stage presence.

The Chocolate Drop that won't stop, Tre Da Marc is providing the ganache for the Hot Dish dessert plate, as well!


The Hot Dish Cabaret players are also bringing their spicy sweet ingredients:

  Billie Marquee

  Opiumm Hayze

  Luna Rouge

  Marcel Michelle Mobama

  Pepper Sunshine


      and the adding some flambe to our course is

  Bret The Axe

      with  Stage Kitten Nadia Shebang!

This month's show is sponsored by:


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